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Readiness, Comfort and Squidgy Energy

Posted by on January 25, 2013

Checking in again from Glasgow! I’m home from teaching Led Primary at the Movement Studio, and thinking of the all of the Boston Ashtangis who will be Ekam-Inhaling soon enough.  Last week I met two native Ashtangis, Sue and Hugh. They are Neuroscientist who I got in contact with through Kate before leaving Boston. Like most of the locals I’ve met so far, they are warm, friendly and eager to help me “get on” in Glasgow.

The Movement Studio, pre-Led Primary

I went to a hilariously fun dinner last weekend with them and a large group of about 30. After drinks were served, some chuckles circulated about my accent (especially when I pronounced “GlasGOW” instead of the local softer version, “Glasgohh”).  We followed the night of boozy joviality with the less jovial Les Miserables

Not where I saw Les Mis, but an equally charming theatre I visited the night before. If you get a chance to see ‘Smashed’ you should.

I accompanied the scientists to my first-ever evening Mysore class this past Monday. My body was very different in the evening hours; more pliable, less predictable and challenging to moderate energetically. I felt a bit awkward  when I got to Tittibhasana B and my rear was happily beaming at the room behind me. Then, I figured, oh well, my Drishti is on the bum, so I guess we are at least all looking together.

The next morning stiffness overtook every limb and tendon. Of course, teaching Mysore 5 times a week is taking it’s toll. As is biking around the city. Part of my morning commute is biking up a 45 degree hill and I curse it daily. It’s the new Green Line part of my commute, i.e., the section which requires calmness-inducing breath. As I finish my ride, gliding down the downward sloping portion of the hill, I think of the nature of challenges, and how if we just keep going, eventually they get easier.

The next challenge ahead is planning my Beginner’s Course. It’s goal is to ready total yoga newbies for a Mysore practice. Showing up is, of course, the key.

Planning this class has made me think a lot about the concept of “readiness” and I’ve come to conclude that a what people really want to feel is “comfortable.” In Boston, people bravely stumble into morning Mysore, observe for a day, and if they show up again (and again and again) – to me, they are ready. But, the Mysore room, with it’s booming breath, focused gazes and advanced asanas is well…an intimidating site. For beginner’s I will explain the breathing, break down the poses, offer variations, and attempt to demystify that far-out yoga gaze. Hopefully, after 6 weeks the yoga will convince people they are ready. If not, maybe they will at least be more comfortable with the idea.

Maybe some squidgy energy will help people feel “ready”?

In the meantime, I’ll no doubt continue with oddly timed practices and dinner with scientists. I’m off to Edinburgh this afternoon to pop in on fellow teacher Karen and her new space. I’ll be sure to say hello for all of the A4Lifers back in Boston!

Missing everyone in the States – !

Cyndi, in Glasgohh.


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