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Packing for Mysore, India

Posted by on January 28, 2012

packing for mysore, India














Packing my bags this afternoon, getting ready for the double long haul flight to Mysore, India. Here’s a glimpse into some of the contents of my little suitcase.

1. Documentation! I have a copy of my email confirmation of acceptance for study at the yoga shala, copies of my passport for the shala, landlords etc, an extra passport photo also for the shala, and of course my passport complete with hard-won Indian visa (more on that later).

2. Sunglasses!

3. Headlamp from Sandra – this was a birthday gift, she told me it will come in handy during random power outages in India. And its cute and blue too!

4. Yoga clothes

5. iPad for in airport movie watching, blogging abroad, and skype-ing with husband/family/friends/cat.

6. Contact solution & case – little bottles, airplane size

7. Bug Spray – for pesky mosquitos

8. Afterbite – for after mosquitos

9. Earplugs – I picked up Karen from the airport last night. She had just arrived from India and as we were crossing over Mass Ave where it passes over I-90 full of traffic she turned and said to me, “Its so quiet here!” Yes, I believe the earplugs will come in handy.

10. Sunblock. SPF 60. I’m so pale I should probably stay that way.

11. Burts Bees Lip Balm

12. Travel Packs of Kleenex – emergency toilet paper!

13. Travel Adapters – UK style

14. My unlocked sim-card ready mobile phone, so I can have a local number

15. Pillowcase

16. Teeth cleaning accessories

17. Travel alarm clock for early morning yoga practice, set 15 minutes ahead (shala time)

18. Books!

19. Prescription Malaria-preventing medication – this is my second try at this, the first medication they gave me actually made me feel like I had malaria (shakes, fever, insomnia, weird dreams). It was a rough week.

20. An over-the-counter anti-diarrheal, plus an Rx if its real bad.

21. Hand Sanitizer, which will hopefully make #20 less necessary.

There are other things to pack but this is what I have amassed so far. I do intend to come back with more little treasures from India, and buy some clothes while there so I can at least take a stab and being a local. I found Ashtangi Claudia’s Guide to Mysore, India very helpful in determining what to pack and what to leave at home.

We are in touch with a wonderful Texan named Kitty who is in Mysore now. She sent us this photo of the place where we’ll be staying. Its the mustard yellow one.

kuteer guesthouse mysore india
















The plan is to fly from Boston to Paris, then onward on the 12 hour flight to Bangalore where Krishna will then drive us the 3 and a half hours from Bangalore to Mysore. And then we will walk up these stairs and fall into our little beds and that will only be the beginning.

Back to packing.



6 Responses to Packing for Mysore, India

  1. ashtangicyndi

    hard-won, indeed! fingers crossed for smooth travels ahead….
    slapped a ganesh sticker on my laptop, extra support for obstacle-removal. ;P

  2. Maureen

    You are truly low-maintenance (and smart)! You don’t want to know what I took to Goa, and I was only there for 2 weeks. :D

  3. Roberto

    Cara, I’m a friend of Karen’s. You are too cute. Don’t sweat it. You can buy anything in India, even prescription drugs over the counter. And it’s all so cheap. But bring what makes you feel comfortable to take the journey. The only must have’s – your passport/visa and ATM card. Don’t forget those!
    have fun and see you there!

    • carashtangi

      Rob, friend of Karen, Mysore day #2 and all is well. Yes, passport and debit card have been essential. See you at the shala!

  4. Cara

    I packed light coming, but will return to Boston with a few extra bags of Indian goodies!

  5. Ally


    I am heading to Mysore in October. I have booked a hotle for the first week but then I need to find somethingm ore did you get in touch with Kitty in the first place to set up housing? And where exactly is this apartment in Mysore? Thanks and feel free to email me:)

    shanti out xo

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