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Oh right, this is HARD.

Settling back in after India; it’s now officially been long enough for me to have come through both the India-was-amaaaazing phase and the WOW-it’s-awesome-to-be-home phase. Now, I’m just back. Back to life, back to reality and back to the realization that having a 5-6 day yoga practice at 6am is… well, it’s hard. Or, let … Continue reading »

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Not Authorized.

Kate introduced us to Sharath a few days ago. We are the Boston crew, all here in Mysore together. Cara was introduced as her assistant; I was, “a very good student, coming every day.” Kate also added that Cara teaches when she is out of town. Sharath’s immediate reaction: “But not authorized, not eligible.” Then … Continue reading »

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A few differences….

So, I was warned that practicing in Mysore would be different than practicing at home in Boston. Not surprising, but it was still overwhelming to come here and really feel the difference. Every day I wake up at 7am, have breakfast, some coffee, and what feels like a boat load of time to kill before … Continue reading »

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