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Author Archives: ashtangicyndi

My Experience as The Teacher

My journey here in Glasgow is almost at an end.  Being the surrogate leader these past few months has taught me a lot. I came here without expectations, and started with what I knew. In the beginning, it was natural to approach the Mysore room like a 2-hour assisting stint with chanting half way through. … Continue reading »

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Readiness, Comfort and Squidgy Energy

Checking in again from Glasgow! I’m home from teaching Led Primary at the Movement Studio, and thinking of the all of the Boston Ashtangis who will be Ekam-Inhaling soon enough.  Last week I met two native Ashtangis, Sue and Hugh. They are Neuroscientist who I got in contact with through Kate before leaving Boston. Like … Continue reading »

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Settling into Glasgow Life…

Hello All! Welp, it’s been one week since I landed here in Glasgow, Scotland. Flying across the pond last week was quite the endeavor because I had come down with that pesky flu everyone was getting. But alas, I arrived. I am staying in a very cozy apartment nestled in the West End of the … Continue reading »

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Oh right, this is HARD.

Settling back in after India; it’s now officially been long enough for me to have come through both the India-was-amaaaazing phase and the WOW-it’s-awesome-to-be-home phase. Now, I’m just back. Back to life, back to reality and back to the realization that having a 5-6 day yoga practice at 6am is… well, it’s hard. Or, let … Continue reading »

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Notes from our final conference in Mysore…

This week was the last conference I will be attending during my stay here in Mysore, and I think it was my favorite. It was another early one, 10am, and Sharath’s fatigue from teaching 3 back-to-back Led classes (2 Primary and 1 Intermediate) was apparent. He was still generous and patient with his time; humor … Continue reading »

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T-minus One Week – other side of the world edition.

It’s strange, the process of time passing here in Mysore. Technically, I’ve been here three weeks, but if someone were to ask me how long I’d been here (and I couldn’t cheat via technology) I’d be at a loss to gauge the days in any quantitative sense. Plans are never set in stone here. No … Continue reading »

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Not Authorized.

Kate introduced us to Sharath a few days ago. We are the Boston crew, all here in Mysore together. Cara was introduced as her assistant; I was, “a very good student, coming every day.” Kate also added that Cara teaches when she is out of town. Sharath’s immediate reaction: “But not authorized, not eligible.” Then … Continue reading »

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A few differences….

So, I was warned that practicing in Mysore would be different than practicing at home in Boston. Not surprising, but it was still overwhelming to come here and really feel the difference. Every day I wake up at 7am, have breakfast, some coffee, and what feels like a boat load of time to kill before … Continue reading »

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January 29-31, 2012…a.k.a. The longest day of my life.

It’s weird when 2.5 days of your life go by and you haven’t slept during any of them. Flying east will do that. It’s dark, then light, then dark again. We drove in cars (30 mins), flew in planes (7 hours), lounged in the Paris airport (5 hours, croissants were consumed), took another flight (9 … Continue reading »

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T-minus One week…

…until departure for India. Seat 27J will be my home for the behemoth 16.5 hour journey. Oh, and let’s not forget that we are arriving in Bangalore. It’ll be another 105 miles in a cab before reaching the final destination. I have no idea what time it will be when we arrive. What the air … Continue reading »

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